The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Killed the Giulia Sportwagon


When we first drove the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, we were impressed. Both the chassis and the suspension are well-tuned, and the engine-a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 essentially made by chopping two cylinders off the Ferrari 488's V8-is an absolute monster. But while we were really excited by Alfa's plans to build a station wagon Giulia variant, it now appears the wagon has been canceled. And it's all the fault of the Stelvio, Alfa's Giulia-based SUV.

Shown above, the wagon-killing Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

Speaking with CAR Magazine, Alfa's head of manufacturing, Alfredo Altavilla, broke the news. "We decided not to do a Giulia Sportwagon," he said. "Do we really need it if the Stelvio SUV drives that well? Maybe not. With our fine-tuning, the Stelvio can capture all the people who would otherwise have been interested in [the station wagon]."

Now, we're sure the Stelvio is a fine vehicle, especially in Quadrifoglio form. And since it's based on the Giulia, we guess it's sort of a substitute for the Giulia Sportwagon-especially if, as Alfa claims, the Stelvio will be the fastest SUV to lap the Nurburgring.

Of course, from a sales perspective, the Stelvio will probably sell far better than the Giulia Sportswagon ever would, particularly in North America. But to our minds, a Giulia Sportwagon would have been awesome. Sadly, it sounds like that will never happen.

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