Need Help! Way too Quiet

Hi , I am new to this forum and happy to be able to be a member due to having a lovely 2021 Stelvio 2L in my driveway. I love this car and love how much other owners love their cars. The only thing that is missing is a grumpy grumble in the exhaust. I am looking for an after market exhaust and have watched too many videos to mention. I would like it to sound like it belongs to the car and not sound like a lawn mower that needs fixed. My last car was a Mercedes C43 and it had a great sound. I don't want it to be so loud that my neighbors will want to flatten my tires when I start it, or too whiny/high pitched either. I have heard that there is some kind of drone that some exhausts make, not familiar with the noise but it does not sound like something i would enjoy driving around with. I have narrowed it down to the Madness Lusso and the Centerline Stradale Magna Flow Cat back systems. Any advice would be very much appreciated.